Mikey the Lizard's Vendetta
General Information
Original broadcast September 29,2015
Series Mikey: Storm Overdrive
Season 3
Episode number 3
Overall episode number TBA
Written by Josh Clark & Matthew Kling
Directed by Josh Clark & Matthew Kling
Episode Guide
Previous episode When BURST goes boom
Next episode Matthew Kling & Mikey the Lizard vs.The Dark Hunters

Mikey the Lizard's vendetta is the third episode of Mikey: Storm Overdrive's third season.

Plot Edit

After Matthew Kling's long fought battle,Matthew Kling & the gang to Cancun to party,but Reena & Zane stay at the H.Q. but Mikey the Lizard bursts in & now looking-like a Man-eating Half-Fiend Minotaur-giant lizard hybrid.Reena & Zane Hide,Run & Survive for the next 2 months.

Mikey the Lizard and his 31 children overrun the Headquarters stopping Reena & Zane from getting comms.

Reena & Zane kill 31 groups Mikey the Lizard's hybrid children plus very last child of Mikey the Lizard.

When Matthew Kling & the gang get back from Cancun,The Headquarters is half-destroyed,Mikey rushes out of the destroyed Headquarters attacks & kills another Mikey the Lizard fan guy who only wanted his autograph,again.

Bloody & broken but still alive,Reena & Zane embrace.

Matthew Kling keeps asking what happens & Mikey the Lizard vows one day to kill Zane & get Reena through lust & rage.

Matthew Kling & the gang with Reena & Zane rebuild a new Headquarters.

Major Events Edit

  • Reena & Zane survive the 14 days against Mikey the Lizard & his children.
  • Matthew Kling,the gang,Reena & Zane rebuild the headquarters.
  • Mikey the Lizard vows one day to kill Zane & marry Reena for lust & rage.

Characters Edit

  • Mikey the Lizard
  • Benji S. Turtle
  • Jake Johnson
  • Jake Johnson (clone)
  • Tyrone Tiger
  • Snuggly J. PolarBear
  • Stupid Mikey the Lizard
  • Super Benji
  • Zane Kazaki
  • Reena Grace
  • Clay Stone
  • Matthew Kling

Villains Edit


Trivia Edit

This episode is based-on a Survival horror video game.

The elements for this episode is the mixture of four games (Silent Hill:Downpour,Outlast,Alien:Isolation & Until Dawn).