Tyzon Rayne is a minor villian and a member of BURST. He will appear in Mikey: Storm Overdrive.


Tyzon is a humanoid white tiger with sharp black stripes on the sides of his face, arms, and legs. The fur on his head is shaped like the horns of an ifrit and has extra black stripes on the sides, has red eyes, and sharp teeth. His entire attire contains a dark-blue long-sleeved jacket with fang blades on the shoulders and diamond-shaped buckles on the front over a silver shirt with extra stripes on the sides. He also wears purple trousers with the legs rolled up to his ankles which are covered by gold boots with sharp buckles on the sides. His tail is curved much like Leone's.


Tyzon is a fierce, sadistic, and power-crazed individual with the unlikable hunger for power and energy.


Mikey: Storm OverdriveEdit

Dark Hunters ArcEdit

He will debut sometime in the series...


Storm OverdriveEdit


  • Tyzon's appearance is similar to Leone Reese who trained him alone.