They Came From Out There
General Information
Original broadcast October 27, 2012
Series Mikey: Storm Overdrive
Season 1
Episode number 7
Overall episode number TBA
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Previous episode Desert Crisis
Next episode Crashing the Acrodractyl Ace
They Came From Out There is the seventh episode of Mikey: Storm Overdrive.


Cody awakens from another nightmare where his friends are concerned of him since he hasn't slept well in a week. Mikey was about to solve it until they heard an explosion outside and decided to find out what it was.

Outside, ten-foot aliens are attacking the citizens using laser swords...

Major EventsEdit

  • Metalhead, Rubarians, and the Raidarkins make their Overdrive debuts.
  • It is revealed that Sly the Squirrel has become more smarter and serious than his previous appearance.
  • Zane is confirmed to have mastered his elemental abilities by conquering his weakness.
  • Damos makes his Overdrive debut.
  • Cody overcomes his fears and masters a new attack, Firewall Tornado, and saves the universe for the first time.



  • Metalhead (debut)
  • The Rubarians


  • The Raidrakins


  • This is the first episode to show aliens that are part of a apocalyptic plot.
  • This episode's title is based upon the movie They Came From Outer Space.
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