Shadow is the main antagonist that appears in Mikey: Storm Overdrive. He is a mysterious spy who tracks him down while sending in his monsters to do his dirty work involved with attacking Mikey.


Shadow has spiky, dark-purple hair with dark shades of red and aqua. With the exception of his right eye being covered by a camera-like device that he uses to check out the abilities and weaknesses of his enemies while downloading data without hacking into them, his eyes are mainly dark-gold.

He wears an armored suit of armor over a black tunic-like jumpsuit and long pants with a techno-enhanced belt. He wears armored plates on his shoulders, knees, and around his chest and left arm. He also wears magnetic gloves with metal spikes on them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shadow has the ability to create genetically-enhanced, mutated cyber-like versions of animals and uses them to attack his opponents while he gains data from them. He may also have the ability to dissapear through purple lightning much like Samuel Tyranoise in the Original Series.


Mikey: Storm OverdriveEdit

Shadow made a cameo appearance in An Edge of Change where he was physically shadowed for the remainder of the first episode until the end of episode 2 where he recieves data on the Storm Overdrive element that Mikey had after he defeated his Ozora. He plans on defeating Mikey and taking the power for his own.

He will make his full appearance in episodes Hero Vs Hunter, the Last Stand and Overdrive Unleashed where he battles Mikey after he defeats Leone.


  • An Edge of Change (first appearance)
  • The Underground Hideout
  • Hero Vs Hunter, the Last Stand
  • Overdrive Unleashed