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Reena Grace
Character Information
Gender Female
Age 15
Occupation Cyclone Beauty
Element Wind
Affiliations Team Lizard Storm
General Details
Relatives Donovan Grace (father), Madeline Grace (sister), Kronus (brother)
Friends Mikey N. Lizard, Cody Reese, Zane Kazaki(Love Interest), Clay Stone
Rivals Selena
Enemies Dark Hunters
First Appearance Beauty is Cyclone Deep!
Reena Grace is one of the main protagonists in Mikey: Storm Overdrive.

Reena is known as a Wind-elemental and is considered a friendly rival of Zane. She has the title of Cyclone Maiden due to her use of cyclone-like wind attacks like Grand Cyclone.

Character Appearance

Reena is an older, smart, and busty teenage girl with a light-pale skin tone, sky-blue eyes, and long, white hair that extends at her waist with curls on the top.

Since Reena is a fan of fashion, she wears a short-sleeved pink shirt under a white-and-blue, white jacket with pink bands on her forearms, and her sleeves end near her wrists. She has on a short, velvet black dress skirt that extends at her knees and wears a pink belt with a green buckle. She also wears long, white designer boots and has a white bracelet with a gold heart on her left wrist.

Later in the second season, she now wears a short, hot-pink jacket with a light-pink collar over a red shirt and has a black blouse. She still keeps her boots and her hair is now in a ponytail.


Reena is a childish, but kind, and intellegent person. Before joining the team, she constantly flirts with others before tricking them into fighting with her without simply acknowledging them. Reena also shows to bond with the others, but has strong feelings for Zane as he does the same for her. She also has a habit of keeping her curly hair in proper form, but freaks out if it is ruined.

When she dosen't battle, she helps support her friends who are, in hope that her courage and heart for them wil give them an advantage. She may also have a fear from insects and moles since their "elements" cause her hair to be sticky and ruined.


Forming Team Lizard Storm Arc

She makes her debut appearance in Beauty is Cyclone Deep!, where she appears to be attacked by a mutant beetle-like monster and is rescued by Mikey and the others (despite Zane being the one who swooped down to catch her in his arms). She later appears to spend time with Zane to distract him from knowing what she wanted until after she reveals that she is a Wind-elemental. At the end of the episode, she is accepted by Zane as the new member because she gained his trust and had secret feelings for him.

BURST's Discovery Arc



  • Quantum Shields


Reena wears pink-and-gray Quantum Gauntlets with a fuscia Energy Core.

TV Appearances

Mikey: Storm Overdrive


  • Reena is the first main protagonist and the first Wind-elemental to be a female character.
  • Reena is the second character to be a natural beauty.