Nova Comet is the first episode of Mikey: Guardians of the Nova.


A new Element Comet that originally created Nemeus and Rubaria, has come to Earth. In occassion, it had split into thirteen Nova Stars that represent the elemental powers and are seperated to various locations...

Razor CityEdit

Mikey had just finished completing a new weapon until he is struck by a lightning cosmic nova which dosen't seem to harm him...

Major EventsEdit

  • Mikey and Jake are hit by two different elemental Novas.
  • Mikey is revealed to have recieved the Thunder Element's successor, the Thunder Nova.
  • Jake, after recieving the Aquarius Nova, has his Blue Armor evolve into the Riptide Blue Armor.
  • Rex Garcia makes his debut appearance.


  • Mikey N. Lizard
  • Jake Johnson
  • Tyrone Tiger
  • Rex Garcia (debut)
  • Voltios (debut)