Mikey N. Lizard
Character Information
Gender Male
Age 34 (Original Series)

37 (Seasons 2-3)

38 (Storm Overdrive)

Occupation Champion Superhero
Element Thunder
Affiliations Heroes' Division HQ

Team Lizard Storm

General Details
Relatives Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother

Friends Jake Johnson, Tyrone Tiger, Benji S. Turtle, Snuggly J. PolarBear, Lyle, Throwk, Dayven Cross, Danielle Tyranoise, Draco Lancelot, Cody Reese, Zane Kazaki, Reena Grace, Clay Stone
Rivals Sly the Squirrel (formerly)


Enemies Samuel Tyranoise (formerly), Rahgork, Drakion, Leone, Metalhead, Dr. Freezer, Shadow
First Appearance Original Series
Mikey N. Lizard is the primary protagonist of the series, Mikey N. Lizard.

In the original series, he first lived in Lizardville with his friends Benji S. Turtle, Jake Johnson, Tyrone Tiger, and Snuggly PolarBear. He currently lives in Razor City— the successor to the destroyed Lizardville— where he stays at the World Organization of Human Defense in the fourth series (known as Hero-Tech in the fifth series).

He is currently Earth's strongest superhero, and known as the Champion, being able to defeat Samuel Tyranoise and the Darkness Armada, the Rubarian Empire during the Nemean/Rubarian War, and currently, Drakion the Apocalyptic Overlord, making him famous around the world—and beyond others who see him as a role model— as hero.

As of Mikey: Cyber Guardians, he is currently an S-rank Lightning-elemental who has recieved famous regonition due to his incredible strength, pride, and spirit.


Mikey is a humanoid, seven-foot-tall lizard with brown skin and red eyes. In the first three series, Mikey wears no clothes and has a sharp tail.

In Storm Overdrive, he now wears a yellow-and-black shirt with the lines going down like triangles. He wears his Heroes of Defense badge on a green belt and his tail is now curved instead of straight. His eyes are now hexagonal instead of round.


Mikey is an intellegent, mature, cocky, and fearless hero who fights forthe hearts and freedom of everyone everywhere.


Original Series

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Powers & Abilities

Mikey first recieved his abilities after mutating himself...


Mikey has a few weaknesses...


The Original Series

Rubarian Invasion

Nova Guardians

Storm Overdrive