Rubarian Invaders is the second series in the Mikey N. Lizard franchise. It serves as the second season in the Lizard Destiny trilogy.


A year after the defeat of the Darkness Armada and the end of the Dark Lord Tyranoise, Mikey, Jake, and Tyrone are transported to another dimension named Nemeus. There, it is under attacked by evil aliens known as the Rubarians who want control of the Electro Core to rule to universe. Joined by their new companions Lyle and Throwk, and Dayven, the Nemean Prince, they will discover the power of the Six Legendary Elders in order to save the planet.


Lizard Storm ResistanceEdit

  • Mikey N. Lizard
  • Jake Johnson
  • Tyrone Tiger
  • Dayven Haze
  • Lyle Kudos
  • Throwk

Rubarian EmpireEdit

  • Emperor Magnetor
  • Ravern
  • Vankor

Former EnemiesEdit

  • Dylan Tyranoise
  • Samuel Tyranoise (temporary)