Jake Johnson
Photo Alec 01
Character Information
Gender Male
Age 20 (Original Series)

23 (Seasons 2-3)

24 (Storm Overdrive)

Occupation Spy, Assassin, Super solider, Cyber Specialist 
Element None; Enhanced Intelligence
Affiliations Heroes' Division HQ

Team Lizard Storm

Actor : Erik Knudsen

General Details
Relatives Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother

'Friends Tyrone Tiger,Benji S. Turtle,Snuggly J. PolarBear,Lyle,Throwk,Dayven Cross,Danielle Tyranoise, Draco Lancelot,Cody Reese, Zane Kazaki,Reena Grace, Clay Stone,Mikey the Lizard 
Rivals Sly the Squirrel (formerly)


Enemies Samuel Tyranoise (formerly), Rahgork, Drakion, Leone, Metalhead, Dr. Freezer, Shadow
First Appearance

Original Series 

James Steven "Jake" Johnson

Jake Johnson is one of many protagonist of the series,Adventures of Mikey the Lizard.In the original series,he lives in Razor City,Lizardville with his friends Benji S. Turtle,Mikey the Lizard,Tyrone Tiger,Snuggly PolarBear and many more.He also currently stays at the World Organization of Human Defense in the fourth series (known as Hero-Tech in the fifth series).He is currently Earth's top spy,assassin,super solider,Cyber Specialist & known as the ghost,being able to defeat Samuel Tyranoise,the Darkness Armada & the Rubarian Empire during the Nemean/Rubarian War & currently,Drakion the Apocalyptic Overlord,making him famous around the world—and beyond others who see him as a role model— as hero.As of Mikey:Cyber Guardians,he is currently an S-rank super solider who has recieved famous regonition due to his incredible strength (mind,body) and spirit. 

Character Appearance 

Jake Johnson is known as a spy,assassin,super solider,Cyber Specialist and trained in art of combat,intelligence and counter-intelligence.In Season 1,he has pale skin and is of Non-Japanese descent.He has sharp blue eyes,short but curly dark-brown hair & short eyebrows.He wears a blue shirt,gray jacket with pockets on the sides.He also wears blue jeans with white shoes.

Jake Johnson is a young techie living in Razor City,Lizardville in the present time.Eventually,Jake Johnson grows up to become the founder of one of the largest corporations in the future,Johnson Tech.


He is shown to be loyal,smart and quick witted.He also has different view points about certain subjects than his 'brother',Mikey the Lizard,even though Jake Johnson is shown to care more about Mikey the Lizard than he lets on.  


As is shown,Jake Johnson is very adept with technology.He is capable of thinking fast in almost any situation he ever faces. 

Jake Johnson is a highly trained super solider.His skills include:

  • Hand-to-hand combat:Jake Johnson is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat,can fight Freelancers and other super soldiers.
  • Marksman:Jake Johnson is highly proficient with a variety of firearms. 
  • Detective:Jake Johnson uses his enhanced intelligence to solve crimes.

Jake Johnson possesses implants of a nano-technological and likely pseudo-biological nature.These implants offer an array of abilities including but not limited to:

  • Enhanced senses,including firearm detection (presumably by detecting the chemical and material components of various firearms),face recognition and night vision. 
  • Heightened strength and speed better than would be indicated by his height and build.
  • Complete audio/visual records of everything around her.He may access these records at any time as may anyone with access to her VPN.
  • Virtual Private Network;while in the latter half of the 21st century his VPN is actually the CPS VPN,in 2012 his VPN consists only of himself and Matthew King.In the future,this system would access case files and enables free exchange of communication and information with fellow officers and HQ,records audio/video from himself or other officers.
  • Jake Johnson's CPS uniform has demonstrated advanced capabilities such as color change,ability to interfere with monitoring devices (likely localized EM pulse),impressive resistance to bullets and providing the wearer with invisibility.He received an upgraded version from the Freelancers.