It's a Gillerken Coalition
General Information
Original broadcast December 8, 2012
Series Mikey: Storm Overdrive
Season 1
Episode number 15
Overall episode number TBA
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Previous episode Reunions with Friends
Next episode Saving Chili from Disaster
It's a Gillerken Coalition is the fifteenth episode of Mikey: Storm Overdrive.


At the beach, Mikey, Cody, Zane, Reena, and Clay are relaxing during their day off until Agent Provoski is kidnapped by sea creatures and the gang decide to rescue him. The gang enter a hidden hideout through a secret cave to find themselves attacked by crab-like monsters and Cody ends up burning them all and the gang escape.

Meanwhile, Agent Provoski is kept in a chamber filled with water in a room surrounded by mutant crab monsters roaming around. A large, fish-like creature dressed like a buccaneer captain named Riptide Gillerken reveals that he will have Team Lizard Storm near his grasp as he glares evilly.

Mikey and the gang are walking through the murky water and are ambushed by three Gillerkens that are revealed to be the kidnappers who took Agent Provoski. The three pirates (Krill, Brine, and Slash) battle the group until they grow outnumbered by Mikey, Zane, and Cody and escapes, leaving Lizard Storm to sink underwater and are sucked through a whirlpool and into the hideout.

When they went through the surface, the gang find an abandoned ship where the Gillerken Brothers (including Riptide himself) are happy to have imprisoned Provoski and are planning to drown the surface world...

Major EventsEdit

  • Agent Provoski makes his Overdrive debut.
  • The Gillerken brothers make their Overdrive debuts.
  • Clay uses his second new move: Hammer Crash.




  • All members of the Gillerken Pirates are all Water-elementals.
  • This is the first time that Clay defeats an enemy without his teammates help.
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