The Gillerken Pirates are the minor villians that appears in Mikey: Storm Overdrive, and a family of Aquos Ripperian from the planet Aquos Ripparos VII as well as being a Water-elemental.


  • Riptide Gillerken— The eldest brother and leader of the gang. He is a deadly and powerful Ripperian who likes to terrorize and rip apart his enemies using the raw-shredding power of the elemental powers. He also uses destructive  and brutal strength power much like Clay does, but uses his full power much like Mikey.
  • Krill Gillerken— The second-oldest member of the gang. He uses cyclone abilities that copies Reena's special abilities.
  • Brine Killerken— The third oldest of the family. He uses dodging abilities and has fast reflexes during combat which copies Zane's ninjitsu techniques.
  • Slash Killerken— The youngest member of the family. He is a negative version of Cody since he uses cheating tactics and copies Cody's lacked skills.



  • All family members except for Marx have their names based on water-themed elements.
  • The name Gillerken...