Frozen Hijinks
General Information
Original broadcast September 29, 2012
Series Mikey: Storm Overdrive
Season 1
Episode number 3
Overall episode number TBA
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Previous episode The Underground Hideout
Next episode Dark Trap
Frozen Hijinks is the third episode of Mikey: Storm Overdrive.


In an abandoned warehouse containing a frozen scientific lab inside, a group of men wearing spacesuits are examining a cryogenic chamber where the aged Dr. Freezer sleeps. His conscious mind allows to telepathically speak to his minions as they cool down the temperature, but the evil doctor was unable to find a way to take his revenge on Razor City's greatest hero. Suddenly, Leone appears with his Dark Hunters to ask for a favor involving Mikey and his new team, which the doctor was pleased while grinning evilly.

The next day, Mikey is trying to train Cody to figure out what his elemental powers might be. But so far, it ends up as the same result as before: Cody is unable to dodge or use a move and is thrown back into the walls. Zane suggests that they should train later as he starts to spar with Mikey. The two collide their powerful attacks as well as their combat skills. Mikey activates the Overdrive, but loses his balance as he exploded in lightning.

Suddenly, Danielle and Edward come in and introduce themselves to the two, whom Zane and Cody recognize the director as the former Blue Armor. The director then assigns Mikey and Zane to go check the city's streets in order to check where the Dark Hunters' whereabouts are at as well as strange and undiscovered robberies. Cody asks if he could come, but Mikey reminds him that he still has no elemental abilities and is still not ready for crime-fighting. Zane suggests that he could tag along as long as he stays out of the way which Cody agrees in frustration.

Checking out the alleys and streets of the city, Mikey and the gang check the streets, but are unable to find any data or information about the Dark Hunters. Just then, a group of large abdomidable snowmen-like monsters wearing crystal armor plates attacked downtown. They attacked stores, broke down current lines, and left buildings frozen.

Mikey, Zane, and Cody rushed toward the streets and watched as the mutant-like snowmen attacked the city. Mikey recognized the ice creatures as the works of Dr. Freezer, whom Cody said that he had a mental breakdown and went into cryogenic isolation. Mikey tells Zane to follow his lead and stop the monsters from freezing the city while Cody was told to stay behind due to his lack of elemental powers...


Major EventsEdit

  • Dr. Freezer makes his debut appearance in Storm Overdrive.
  • Cody is revealed to be a Fire-elemental, but is unable to focus.
  • Avengor makes his debut in Storm Overdrive.


Character DebutsEdit

Villian DebutsEdit

  • Dr. Freezer (Overdrive debut)
  • Avengor



  • Avengor (first appearance)
  • Dr. Freezer (first re-appearance)
  • Leone
  • Blaze
  • Crash
  • Roxx


  • This marks the first time since Dr. Freezer's absence in Destroia.
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