When BURST goes boom
General Information
Original broadcast November 27,2015
Series Mikey: Storm Overdrive
Season 3
Episode number 2
Overall episode number TBA
Written by Josh Clark and Matthew Kling
Directed by Josh Clark and Matthew Kling
Episode Guide
Previous episode Darkness Before Dawn
Next episode Mikey the Lizards's Vendetta

When BURST goes boom is the second episode of Mikey: Storm Overdrive's third season.

Plot Edit

After the event with Mikey the lizard,Matthew Kling has a brief talk about taking down BURST for the last time & want every-bodies background info so that he can know the intermediaries between the shadow BURST sect & BURST. Cody Reese & Draco Lancelot refuse to give Matthew Kling the background info,tell Matthew Kling & the gang how much they hate Mikey the Lizard & that they were with BURST the whole time.Matthew Kling has the two BURST members (Cody Reese & Draco Lancelot) arrested,the S.W.AT. takes them away & puts them in jail (imprisoned for life).

Matthew Kling kills BURST armed guards with his tentacles w/tentacle transformation & polymorph plague on the first floor.

Matthew Kling makes his way to the second floor,Matthew kling kills BURST armed guard with his 2 integrated chain guns & Dr. Freezer dies in the crossfire.

Matthew Kling makes his way up to the third & fourth floor,Matthew Kling kills BURST armed guards & Tyson Berserk with his Integrated Laser Rifle & Plasma Lance.Matthew Kling makes his way up to the fifth floor,Matthew Kling kills BURST armed guards & Damian Hawke with his Quantum Lashes.

Matthew Kling makes his way up to the sixth floor,Matthew Kling kills BURST armed guards,Rahgork & Leone with his Spines,Bladed Slams & the war razor.

Later,on the one hundredth floor,Matthew Kling uses Rockets,Syringe,Sting & Aizerghau on Dr. Zakarus.

Dr. Zakarus bloody,beaten & dying,Dr. Zakarus hopes to use his smart bomb but Matthew Kling & the gang escape & Dr. Zakarus destroys himself,the organization BURST,BURST's H.Q & in the process ending BURST forever.

like Barney Stinson,the new Mikey the Lizard hooks up with 31 girls for a month.

Major Events Edit

  • Cody and Draco Lancelot are arrested for there actions with BURST & gain a life sentence.
  • Matthew Kling destroys the organization BURST forever.
  • Matthew Kling kills BURST armed guards,Dr. Zakarus,Tyson Berserk,Damian Hawke,Rahgork,Leone,Metalhead & Dr. Freezer.
  • Matthew Kling and the gang escape the BURST H.Q. before they are killed by a Zakaruion smart bomb that has the power of 999,999 mini nukes,before it destroys the BURST H.Q. property.
  • the new Mikey the Lizard has Perfect Month.

Characters Edit

  • Mikey the Lizard
  • Benji S. Turtle
  • Jake Johnson
  • Jake Johnson (clone)
  • Tyrone Tiger
  • Snuggly J. PolarBear
  • Stupid Mikey the Lizard
  • Super Benji
  • Zane Kazaki
  • Reena Grace
  • Clay Stone
  • Matthew Kling

Villains Edit

  • Cody Reese
  • Draco Lancelot
  • Dr. Zakarus
  • Tyson Berserk
  • Damian Hawke
  • Rahgork
  • Leone
  • Metalhead
  • Dr. Freezer