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Dayven Cross is a recurring character that appears in the Mikey N. Lizard franchise as the main protagonist in Mikey: Rubarian Invasion and a supporting character in Legends of Destroia.

He is from Nemeaus Prime and serves as the Prince during the second series and later become King in the timeline between the second and third series.

he is currently living in Nemeaus along with his companions Lyle and Throwk.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Dayven is a Nemean who has bright pale skin, pointy ears, long brown hair with yellow highlights, and dark purple eyes that matches his elemental powers.

In Rubarian Invasions, he wears a knight-like jacket with the sleeves rolled up over a purple shirt with a V-shaped collar and wears a belt over his chest like a backpack. he also wears black trousers with purple and blue lines on the sides which the ends are covered by large, black boots with two metal beak-like highlights on the left/right side of them respectively.

In Legends of Destroia as the King, he now wears a long coat/jacket with purple lightning on the back like a cape and his sleeves are short. he also wears a long-sleeved red shirt underneath his coat that has puffy sleeves, and has on white trousers with black lines and his boots are now gray. He now wears a crown-like mask shaped like a gremlins, but the left eye is cybernetic.



Rubarian InvadersEdit

Dayven first appears when he sends a distress signal that his father gave him to Earth after the Rubarians kidnap his father. He decides to go to Earth to find the one he had seeked for and meets Mikey, Jake, and Tyrone...

Legends of DestroiaEdit


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Rubarian InvasionEdit

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Storm OverdriveEdit

It is said that Dayven will debut as a recurring character once again.