Darkness Before Dawn 
General Information
Original broadcast September 27,2015
Series Mikey: Storm Overdrive
Season 3
Episode number 1
Overall episode number Unknown
Written by Josh Clark and Matthew Kling
Episode Guide
Previous episode none
Next episode When BURST goes boom

Darkness Before Dawn is the first episode of Mikey: Storm Overdrive's third season.

Plot Edit

Mikey the Lizard is badly beaten after he provokes the god,Matthew Kling,Matthew Kling saids "only through redemption,can Mikey the Lizard be truly be save,but first he must first purge the pure evilness & hate,then he must use kindness & love to reverse the new form.

Meanwhile,the new Mikey the Lizard kills the Mikey the Lizard fan guy who only wanted his autograph.

Major Events Edit

  • Mikey the Lizard is mutated into a carnivorous Man-eating giant lizard from the blood of Baphomet by the God,Matthew Kling.
  • Mikey the Lizard doesn't know but quickly learns about the Defensive Abilities & why electricity attacks never work because of the lighting rod Defensive ability.
  • During the battle,Mikey the Lizard was poisoned,hallucinating on his worst fears from the fear toxins,burned from acid & transformed into a carnivorous Man-eating giant lizard from the blood of Baphomet.

Characters Edit

  • Mikey the Lizard
  • Benji S. Turtle
  • Jake Johnson
  • Jake Johnson (clone)
  • Tyrone Tiger
  • Snuggly J. PolarBear
  • Stupid Mikey N. Lizard
  • Super Benji
  • Cody Reese
  • Zane Kazaki
  • Reena Grace
  • Clay Stone
  • Matthew Kling