Damian Hawke
Character Information
Gender Male
Age 16
Occupation Superhero
Element Shadow
Affiliations Team Lizard Storm
General Details
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Friends Mikey N. Lizard, Zane Kazaki, Cody Reese, Reena Grace, Clay Stone
Rivals Zane Kazaki
Enemies Dark Hunters, BURST
First Appearance The Shadow Hawk Lands!
Damian Hawke is a recurring character who appears as a major villian in the series Mikey: Storm Overdrive. He is a former member of BURST organization who is an agent for The Shadow.


Damian has large, spiky blond hair with black highlights and has a small ponytail. Damian wears a black hoodie jacket with purple straps, has a white hood, and blue lines on the sleeves. He also wears dark-grey pants with purple lines on the sides and wears black boots.


Mikey: Storm OverdriveEdit

Damian appears when he joined his best friend and childhood companion Zane Kazaki.