Character Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Occupation Dark Hunter
Element Wind
Affiliations Dark Hunters
General Details
Relatives N/A
Friends Kronus, Blaze, Selena, Roxx, Vincent
Rivals Cody Reese
Enemies Mikey N. Lizard, Cody Reese, Zane Kazaki, Reena Grace, Clay Stone
First Appearance An Edge of Change
Crash is a recurring character that appears in Mikey: Storm Overdrive. He is also one of the top members of the Dark Hunters.


Crash resemblances a sepia-skinned individual with pointy ears and has a scorpion-like arm.. He wears a tattered, brown shirt under a dark-red sleeveless jacket with silver-trimmed zippers that are undone. He also has a brown belt over his navy-blue trousers with white lines and has a few rips on them under tall, brown leather boots. His hair is jet-black and is in a mohawk-style with gold highlights shaped like eagle wings. His left eye is gray due to some unknown event.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Crash can create powerful vibrations through wind blows and has supersonic reflexes.



  • Crash is the only member of the Dark Hunters to use machine-based weapons.