Earth Elemental
Clay Stone
Character Information
Gender Male
Age 17 (Possibly)
Occupation Stone Bros. member
Element Earth
Affiliations Team Stone Bros.(formerly)

Team Lizard Storm

General Details
Relatives Toru Stone (younger brother), Griff Stone (older brother)
Friends Mikey N. Lizard, Cody Reese, Zane Kazaki, Reena Grace, Damian Hawke
Rivals Vincent
Enemies Dark Hunters, BURST
First Appearance A Stone Family Crisis?!
Clay Stone is one of the main protagonists of Mikey: Storm Overdrive.

Clay happens to be a sibling of the Stone Brothers, also known as the Earth Crasher. Clay also has the Earth element as his powers.


Clay is described as a slimmer and muscular person whie his skin has a dark shade of brown. He has curly brown hair and black eyes. He wears a light-brown sleeveless shirt over a short-sleeved shirt and has green cargo pants and has worker boots. He also wears a red bandana on his head and has on a red velvet belt.


Clay is a fun-loving, friendly, and courageous person who likes to flex his muscles. Clay is also protective over his friends, including Cody who he admits as his friend.

Powers and Abilities

Like his successors, Snuggly PolarBear, Throwk, and Rex Garcia, he is able to control and manipulate Earth-elemental abilities. He can also create a brown aura which allows him to create seismic quakes when using his signature move, Stone Snash.


Forming Team Lizard Storm Arc

Clay first appears in A Stone Family Brawl, where he saves Zane from getting attacked by his hometown's toughest villian, Craterzoid, and invites them to his family's training gym. Afterwards, he was offered a spot on the team, but was declined since his brother told him that he needed to prove thast he has reached his potential. He later helps save the group by using a supersonic version of Stone Smash, and is approved by his father to join the group.



  • Quantum Hammers


Clay's Quantum Gauntlets are brown-and-silver with a yellow Energy Core.

TV Appearances


  • Clay is the fourth main character to be an Earth-elemental.
  • Clay's appearance and personality is similar to Rex Garcia.