Avengor is a recurring character in Mikey: Storm Overdrive and acts as a primary antagonist.


Avengor is a humanoid, sasquatch-like monster. He has a icicle crystal on his right eye as well as an ice-shaped shard on his left shoulder. He has one muscular arm and a cybernetic one with four fingers and a thumb which acts as a weapon. He also has a large helmet with a sharp end on the top.


Avengor first appeared in Frozen Hijinks where he was working with Dr. Freezer as his assistant in creating an army of cybernetic, half-crystalized abomidable snowmen to freeze and destroy the city. But after his master was arrested by Mikey, he exacted revenged and joined the Dark Hunters as the scientist.

Later in Dark Trap, he was revealed to have helped with the plan to steal the secrets of every superhero in the agency.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit